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  • Equipamento usado
  • Equipamento novo
  • Reparação

Descrição da empresa

Abrantes Almeida & Simões Lda, began operations in 1981, having as main objective the purchase and sale of used light vehicles.

The first installations were in Penacova, District of Coimbra, and in 1985 was transferred to Hazel Path, which began selling trucks, machines and public works, and in 1987 began importing trucks from the EEC.

We have today, three parks exposure to two hectares, and three pavilions with 1000 m2 each, so you can make repairs with hand labor specialized mechanical plating, painting, and metalworking.

We responded well to the needs of our customers in a quick and efficient.

We have a permanent stock of 100 vehicles and 20 construction machinery.

Currently we import and export from and to several countries, such as Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau. Benin Republic, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Dubai. Japan etc.

Produtos da empresa

    The Abrantes Almeida & Simões Lda has its own workshop where used vehicles may be checked and repaired.

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    Esta é a página institucional da Abrantes Almeida & Simões Lda localizada em Portugal, Aveiro, Avelas de caminho.

    Esta empresa fornece serviços como: equipamento usado, equipamento novo e reparação.

    Esta empresa é especialista em Trucks, Machinery, Export to Angola, Angola.