NOV Brandt King Cobra Venom Shaker King Cobra Ven

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15 436 EUR
Grupo de produtosEquipamentos de perfuração de petróleo e gás
Marca / modeloNOV Brandt King Cobra Venom Shaker King Cobra Ven
Ano de fabrico2013
Localização da máquinaBakersfield
Estados Unidos
Mascus IDA0DAB0D2
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Preço sem IVA15 436 EUR
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N°. de ref. de armazém120610
Última inspecção11/15/2018
Estado geral (1-5)4
Número de proprietários anteriores1
Número de série23835-0030
Peso de transporte1 090 kg
Dimensőes em transporte (CxLxA)117"x64"x66" m
Marca do pneuNOV Brandt King Cobra Venom
País de fabricoEstados Unidos
Condições de entregaFOB
AcessóriosThe Goods are located at Seller’s facility at or near Bakersfield, Ca. The entire cost for any required transportation, including the cost of loading/unloading and the cost to insure any portion the Goods during transport, shall be at Buyer’s expense. Rates are exclusive of applicable sales, use, VAT, transfer, excise and other similar or related taxes, duties and assessments, which will be added to the Purchase Price and invoiced to Buyer for payment. Risk of loss and title transfers from Seller to Buyer upon execution of this Bill of Sale.
Outras informaçőesManufacture date 10/26/12 NOV Brandt King Cobra Venom Shale Shaker with Constant G Control.

Motors are Variable Output 7.3 G's to 8.3 G's

The modular design and standardized platform of the KING COBRA VENOM shale shaker offer a wide range of options compatible with a variety of rig lay outs.

The basket’s patented CONTOUR PLUS™ design reduces the liquid pool depth to provide better conveyance of drilled solids across the screens. Configured for 0° at the feed panel and +5° on the remaining panels, the CONTOUR PLUS design minimizes basket angle elevation and achieves drier solids and increased screen life by decreasing the mud pool weight over the screens.

Unlike competitor’s shakers, our Constant-G Control™ (CGC) means the KING COBRA VENOM’s performance actually improves under loaded conditions. CGC is a patented technology that monitors and automatically adjusts motor speed to maintain optimal G-force depending on fluids and solids loading on the basket. Motor speed increases with load, so it’s G-Force when you need it, reducing wear and tear on components and screens when loads are light.

With its reduced dimensions and weight, including 34.5 inch (876 mm) weir height with a 12 inch (305 mm) sump/skid, this shaker is able to be installed on a wide range of rigs. Offered with a variety of options that can be ordered initially or installed in the field regardless of original factory configuration, the KING COBRA VENOM shaker provides flexibility to meet changing needs.


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