Grupo de produtosMáquinas de asfaltar pequenas
Marca / modeloTICAB Zalewarka szczelin / Crack Sealing Machine B
Ano de fabrico2017
Info extraNovo/Nunca usado
Última inspecção2017
Estado geral (1-5)5
Marcado CESim
Peso bruto1 400 kg
Tipo de movimentoMóvel
Carga de trabalho máxima500 kg
Dimensőes em transporte (CxLxA)3000*2000*1600
Garantia1 rok
Condições de entregaFCA, DAT, FOB, CIF
AcessóriosThe heated mastic is fed through a supply hose and a rod.
A system for electrically heating the hose is provided.
BMP-17 is equipped with a device for cleaning joints and cracks.
Outras informaçőesBMP-17 is a crack sealer designed for heating and pouring the bitumen-elastomeric sealing mastics while sealing cracks/seams and waterproofing for repair and construction works on highways, airfields, bridges.
The main element of the sealer is the heated container. The mastic is heated to the operating temperature by a diesel burner through an oil jacket filled with thermal oil.

Our crack sealing machine can be trailer mounted and completely self-contained, meaning it is capable of heating, melting, and applying all grades of rubberized asphalt crack sealant, joint sealants, and waterproofing compounds without the assistance of additional equipment.

Capacity 500 l
Engine 4 - Stroke single cylinder air diesel
Burner diesel
Burner power 50 Kw
Gear pump capacity 6 l/m
Full weight 750 kg
Engine Fuel Tank 50 l
Oil tank 30 l
Thermal oil heater 80 l
Hose 6 m
Heating the mastic through the thermal oil - a diesel fuel based burner
Time of heating the mastic to operating temperature - not more than 2 hours
Operating temperature of the mastic, depending on the brand of mastic - 120° -180°C
Electrical equipment
Diesel burner +
controller +
compressor +
generator +
Este máquinas de asfaltar pequenas [Other] -ticab-zalewarka-szczelin-crack-sealing-machine-b não está mais disponível. Este máquinas de asfaltar pequenas [Other] -ticab-zalewarka-szczelin-crack-sealing-machine-b foi produzido em 2017. No Mascus Portugal, pode encontrar mais máquinas de asfaltar pequenas [Other] -ticab-zalewarka-szczelin-crack-sealing-machine-b. Detalhes - Última inspecção: 2017, Estado geral (1-5): 5, Marcado CE: Sim, Peso bruto: 1 400 kg, Tipo de movimento: Móvel, Motor: Diesel, Carga de trabalho máxima: 500 kg, Dimensőes em transporte (CxLxA): 3000*2000*1600 mm, Garantia: 1 rok, Condições de entrega: FCA, DAT, FOB, CIF, Certificados: CE