United Drilling DRILL ONE DRY para venda - Alemanha

Preço sem IVA
5 990 EUR
Preço sem IVA
5 990 EUR
Grupo de produtosPerfuradoras de furos de água
Marca / modeloUnited Drilling DRILL ONE DRY
Ano de fabrico2021
Info extraNovo/Nunca usado
Mascus ID5AC0CDA2
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Preço sem IVA5 990 EUR
IVA (19%)1 138 EUR
Preço com IVA7 128 EUR
Estado geral (1-5)
Número de série2021/xxxxx
Motor2 x E Power
Fabricante do MotorUnited Drilling Deutschland
Mecanismo de alimentaçãoAcorrentado
Tipo de transportadorDe rodas
Dimensőes em transporte (CxLxA)1950 x 800 x 560
País de fabricoAlemanha
Condições de entregaEXW
  • - Rádio controle remoto
  • - Accionamento por comando à distância
  • - Engate

The DRILL ONE DRY well and deep drilling rig is an all-electric drilling system for well construction and explosive ordnance disposal.

It has configurable performance characteristics that offer a wide range of applications in the dry drilling process.

The target group for this system is users who are interested in a compact, mobile and very user-friendly solution.

The DRILL ONE DRY is designed for dry drilling with augers.

Common drilling diameters are 110, 130 and 160mm. Special sizes are also available. 

The drilling system is available in two versions:

The DRILL ONE DRY BASIC VARIANT offers a power output of.

1.50 + 0.75 kW (Drill Head & Chain Drive)

and a torque of

360 - 380 Nm (Drill Head)

a solid basis for most drilling projects suitable for dry drilling with continuous flight augers.

The DRILL ONE DRY BLACK EDITION offers with a power output of

2.20 + 1.10 kW (Drill Head & Chain Drive)

and a torque of

440 - 460 Nm (Drill Head)

the possibility of achieving faster drilling results with a 20% increase in the rotational speed of the Drill Head and a greater torque. We recommend this version for recurring drilling with drill diameters over 130mm.


230V !

The power electronics we use converts the single-phase alternating current from the wall socket into a 3-phase alternating current for feeding the three-phase motors.

The integrated PTC sensor system also prevents thermal overheating of the motors.

Current and torque peaks are avoided, so that motors and gearboxes are protected and can be used for long periods with low maintenance.


The majority of our installed metal components are FIRE-COATED.

This process offers the following advantages:

high mechanical load capacity
perfect all-round rust protection, even in cavities and on edges
cathodic corrosion protection
attractive appearance
high economic efficiency
good ecological balance, environmentally friendly process

Parts that cannot be hot-dip galvanized are sendzimir galvanized, electrogalvanized or protected by alternative rust protection measures.


Almost all components of our equipment are made of high-quality steels.

The most commonly used steel grade for all frames and attachment components is S 355 MC.

Highly stressed parts are made from S 700 MC.

Turned and milled parts are made from S 355 J2 and 42CrMo4 quenched and tempered.


The DRILL ONE DRY and DRILL ONE E equipment series are designed for maximum mobility.

In this regard, consideration has been given to the usual challenges that exist in the drilling trade. Narrow garage, yard, gate and gate widths, narrow paths and small radii are no compelling obstacles for the DRILL ONE DRY.

Measured in terms of performance, an excellent weight and height/width ratio has been achieved, which in some cases even allows for one-person operation.


The design and manufacturing method has proven to be future-oriented, as individual mold, machine and equipment modules can also be retrofitted and converted at a later date.

In this way, we guarantee a future-open technology in which only individual components can be replaced, exchanged and retrofitted rather than an entire piece of equipment.


Height 1,950 mm
Width 560 mm


Depending on equipment variant 200-250 kg

Further information at www.drill.one/en/dry_en

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