Pronar T185 container uniwersal hook trailer para venda - Polónia

Preço sem IVA
16 990 EUR
Preço sem IVA
16 990 EUR
Grupo de produtosReboques agricolas de uso geral
Marca / modeloPronar T185 container uniwersal hook trailer
Ano de fabrico2021
Info extraNovo/Nunca usado
Localização da máquina59-900 Zgorzelec
Mascus ID99B4E047
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Preço sem IVA16 990 EUR
IVA (23%)3 908 EUR
Preço com IVA20 898 EUR
Última inspecção28.06.2016
Estado geral (1-5)
Peso bruto15 000 kg
Estado dos pneus dianteiros100 %
Estado dos pneus traseiros100 %
País de fabricoPolónia
AcessóriosDrawbar: rigid with towing eye Ø40mm upper tractor hitch
Drawbar: ball-type K80mm
Plastic mudguards
Braking system: combined (pneumatic + hydraulic)
Trailer hook with automatic container lock and regulated hight in 2 positions
Electric steering from tractor’s cabin of 3 functions: container lock, suspension blockage, container loading, container reloading)
Own hydraulic system with oil container, a pump, transmission and PTO shaft with electric steering of 3 functions from tractor’s cabin : suspension blockage, container loading, container reloading)
Braking system: hydraulic with electric safety valve and braking speed controller
Hydraulic container lock (for the tracotrs with min. 4 hydraulic output pairs)
Tires 520/50 – 17
Tires 385/55 R22.5 RE
Tires 385/55 R22.5
Spare wheel (separately) 500/50-17
Spare wheel (separately) 520/50-17
Spare wheel (separately) 385/55 R22.5
Spare wheel (separately) 385/55 R22.5 RE
Additional pair of hydraulic outlets located on the hook
Outras informaçőesEU Warranty & CE certificate

Universal trailer PRONAR T185, which can be used in agriculture, construction and waste management for the whole year! Perfect solution for the companies and communes that are looking for universal and durable equipment for various tasks related to the maintenance and semi-road works.

Price for version in standard equipment.
All of additional equipment - list and prices on request.

Permissible total weight: 15000kg
Load capacity * 12130 *kg
Trailer kerb weight: 2870kg
Lenght without a container: 5940mm
Width without a container: 2360mm
Attachement dimensions of the container:
Hook lenght: (min/max): 1450/1570mm
Rolls track: 1070mm
Lenght: 4100 – 5050mm
Width: max 2550mm
Height: max 2000mm
Container maximum tipping angle/oil requirement: 46/15˚/l
Wheel track: 1830mm
Suspension: tandem
Tires: 500/50-17
Construction speed: 40 [km/h]
Minimum tractor power requirement: 78/57.3 [hp/kW]

* with the weight of the container with recommended lengh, it might be neccesary to move the container backwards while preparing for tipping

Standard equipment
Tipping frame: rectangular made of closed profiles
Tandem suspension with 2 trailing arms and fixed axle shafts equiped in drum brakes 300×135
Drawbar: rigid to couple with lower hitch of the tractor (transport hitch, piton fix)
Drawbar towing hitch: rotary towing eye Ø50 (hitch, piton fix)
Drawbar support: hydraulic straight leg with cut-off valve (it needs permanent or occasional connection with the tractor by single hydraulic line)
Crank hand brake
Hydraulic blocking system of the trailing arm (suspension)
Braking system: double or single line pneumatic or hydraulic
Rear bumper with manual setting in 2 positions (depends on length of the container)
Lighting system 12 V without side clearence lights
Rear lamps with protective grating
Steel mudguards over the wheels
Wheel chocks + racks
Hydraulic reloading system with manual switch winch / tipper
Trailer requires a tractor with three pairs of hydraulic outputs (control of suspension lock, pivoting frame and hook frame)
Chemically hardened two-component painting materials , UV-resistant.
Tipping frame colour: red RAL3000 PRONAR


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No Mascus Portugal pode encontrar reboques agricolas de uso geral Pronar T185 container uniwersal hook trailer. O preço deste Pronar T185 container uniwersal hook trailer é 16 990 € e foi produzido em 2021. Esta máquina está localizada em 59-900 Zgorzelec Polónia. No pode encontrar Pronar T185 container uniwersal hook trailer e muitos mais modelos de reboques agricolas de uso geral. Detalhes - Última inspecção: 28.06.2016, Estado geral (1-5): 5, Peso bruto: 15 000 kg, Estado dos pneus dianteiros: 100 %, Estado dos pneus traseiros: 100 %, País de fabrico: Polónia