Mercier Auction BVBA

Pathoekeweg 214
8000 Brugge
(Distrito: West-Vlaanderen)

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  • Equipamento usado
  • Equipamento novo
  • Peças de substituição
  • Leilão

Descrição da empresa

Mercier Auction BVBA is a company specialized in the auction of used heavy and small equipments, trucks, trailers and tools. The company is based in the activity zone of Pathoekeweg, near Brugge, Belgium. Auctions take place once every two months, physically on site. The opportunity is given to buyers to see the equipments as well as try them before the auction. It is possible to bid on-site, or online during the auction.

Privates and Professionals are welcome to participate and bid. Selling your equipments with us is also available to anyone, without any comission nor fee. Mercier Auction is characterized by its transparency regarding the state of the equipments it sells, as well as its devotion to its customers, sellers and buyers. We higly favorise long-lasting relationships and strongly believe in win-win business partnerships.

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    Esta é a página institucional da Mercier Auction BVBA localizada em Bélgica, West-Vlaanderen, Brugge.

    Esta empresa fornece serviços como: equipamento usado, equipamento novo, peças de substituição e leilão.

    Esta empresa é especialista em Ventes aux enchères, Matériels, Equipements, Poids Lourds, Auction, Equipments, Trucks, Parts, Pièces.