SCRUBBER DRYER HAKO SCRUBMASTER B 115 R TB900 para venda - Polónia

Preço sem IVA
5 224 EUR
24 000 PLN
Preço sem IVA
5 224 EUR
24 000 PLN
Grupo de produtosSecadoras chão industriais
Ano de fabrico2015
Horas de utilização1 929 h
Localização da máquina32-800 Brzesko
Mascus IDF1403158
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Preço sem IVA5 224 EUR  (24 000 PLN)
IVA (23%)1 201 EUR
Preço com IVA6 425 EUR  (29 520 PLN)
N°. de ref. de armazémS 2545
Estado geral (1-5)
Dimensőes em transporte (CxLxA)1700 x 1000 x 1550
Peso de transporte750 kg
Garantia6 miesięcy
País de fabricoAlemanha
Outras informaçőesThe Hako Scrubmaster B 115R scrubbing machine is a highly efficient device that is also suitable for the toughest work in large-scale systems. During the comprehensive inspection and renovation, our service team thoroughly checked the machine for every function. All mechanical parts with wear and tear have been replaced with new ones. This ensures long, trouble-free operation without the need for additional investments in the machine in the future. The device is now in perfect condition, ready to work immediately. The machine has a 6 month guarantee (except for wear parts).

We offer the possibility to present the device via a live connection through the Internet. You can see the machine live in operation with all functions and equipment. We will gladly answer your questions.

Product advantages and features:
- The machine is from 2015 and has only 1929 operating hours. The photos you see exactly show the machine being offered.
- The device is powered by 4 new 6V 250Ah batteries. Gel batteries from the well-known Polish manufacturer SIAP have technical standards that correspond to those of Sonnenschein batteries, including min 700 charging cycles and increased resistance to cyclical operation. The charger is included in the scope of delivery
- The centrally located driver's seat offers an excellent view of the surface in front of the machine.
- The machine is equipped with 2 new disc brushes, which have a working width of 900mm and can be used on any surface.
- Thanks to its construction, the machine has excellent maneuverability and is ideal for working in industrial conditions.

After the renovation, the machine was thoroughly tested to make sure everything was done correctly. The test procedure gives us the certainty that the device has regained all operating parameters according to the catalog data. A charger is included in the scope of delivery.

Supply voltage: 24 V.
Brush working width (mm): 900
Suction width (mm): 1100
Theoretical area performance (m² / h): 5800
Clean / dirty water tank capacity (l): 116/116
Number of brushes (pcs): 2
Brush rotation (rpm): 210
Weight without batteries (kg): 340
Total weight when ready for use (kg): 727
Gradeability (%): 10
Length with suction bar (mm) 1660
Height (mm) 1440
Width with suction bar (mm) 960
Width without suction bar (mm) 800

Additional Information:
- The new parts include new brushes, batteries and suction lips.
- The parabolic squeegee in combination with a high suction motor ensures good suction of the cleaning solution and leaves the floor dry and shiny behind the machine.
- The machine is equipped with a control panel that makes it easy and intuitive to use.
- In the case of a purchase for a company with an active VAT number, we can issue a 0% VAT invoice as part of an intra-EU transaction.
- We also have all consumables such as suction motors, brushes and suction lips and more that are available on the second eBay account (hc-parts24) in our offer.

The machines we trade in are imported from Germany, where they have been regularly serviced and come from a reliable and legal source. In our professional service they go through a strict service process. Every component and function is thoroughly checked and tested. Any parts that are worn or worn will be replaced with new ones. The scrubber-dryer is inspected and renovated with the greatest care, accuracy and attention to detail.

After our service, every machine is thoroughly tested for every function for several hours and, after a positive check, is brought to our showroom.

Such a detailed inspection gives you the certainty of a correct, error-free and safe operation in contrast to the devices of other sellers who only "wash" the machine or put it into operation without affecting the replacement of consumable parts, and the lack of a proper inspection of the Work safety before the sales process. In addition, we have 15 years of industry experience, a large stock of s


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No Mascus Portugal pode encontrar secadoras chão industriais SCRUBBER DRYER HAKO SCRUBMASTER B 115 R TB900. O preço deste SCRUBBER DRYER HAKO SCRUBMASTER B 115 R TB900 é 5 224 € e foi produzido em 2015. Esta máquina está localizada em 32-800 Brzesko Polónia. No pode encontrar SCRUBBER DRYER HAKO SCRUBMASTER B 115 R TB900 e muitos mais modelos de secadoras chão industriais. Detalhes - N°. de ref. de armazém: S 2545, Estado geral (1-5): 5, Horas de utilização: 1 929 h, Dimensőes em transporte (CxLxA): 1700 x 1000 x 1550 mm, Peso de transporte: 750 kg, Garantia: 6 miesięcy, País de fabrico: Alemanha