Xiffix Special Trailer Rent

Beemsterweg 12b
1311XC Almere
(Distrito: Flevoland)

Serviços fornecidos pela Xiffix Special Trailer Rent

  • Equipamento usado
  • Equipamento novo
  • Aluguer de equipamentos
  • Transporte

Marcas Representadas

  • Broshuis
  • Nooteboom
  • Kraker
  • Floor/Hiab
  • ATM

Descrição da empresa

Xiffix Special Trailer Rent originated in 2002 from Floor Verhuur B.V. In that year the Managing Director and owner, Ferry Floor resigned from the Board of Floor B.V. and then bought Floor Verhuur. Leading up to this Ferry Floor gained years of experience in the industry. This independent business unit, which had been set up three years previously with the aim of meeting the temporary requirement for specialist road transport from Floor customers and other fleet owners in road transport and haulage, was one of Ferry Floor’s initiatives also. Simultaneous with the arrival of the new owner, the decision was taken to change the name, house style and location. Xiffix Special Trailer Rent was chosen as the new company name.

Xiffix is a palindrome, a symmetrical word that reads the same from left to right as it does from right to left. Naturally the double F represents Ferry Floor’s initials. Xiffix has chosen a distinct house style with eye-catching colours. Special vehicles and therefore a special name and ditto the house style. The company has been operating from Barneveld since 2002. Barneveld lies centrally in the Netherlands, close to the A1 and A30 motorways.

Xiffix Special Trailer Rent is not only active in the Netherlands, but abroad too. Vehicles are regularly rented in neighbouring countries such as Belgium and Germany.

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      • Xiffix
      • Walking floor trailers
      • 3 axle semis
      • 4 axle semis

      Esta é a página institucional da Xiffix Special Trailer Rent localizada em Holanda, Flevoland, Almere.

      Esta empresa fornece serviços como: equipamento usado, equipamento novo, aluguer de equipamentos e transporte.

      Xiffix Special Trailer Rent representa as seguintes marcas: Broshuis, Nooteboom, Kraker, Floor/Hiab, ATM.

      Esta empresa é especialista em Xiffix, Walking floor trailers, 3 axle semis, 4 axle semis.